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  The Take 5 Minutes DVD introduces a daily 5-minute programme which develops personal resilience to stress in the workplace and beyond. The simple activities demonstrated for you to follow release stress by addressing the instinctual responses that activate below everyday awareness.

Yes there are times when dealing effectively with stress requires the perspective and expertise of a professional. However, there is also great benefit in well-chosen self-help habits that promote the productive use of your brain and release tension from your muscles.

Take 5 Minutes is a presentation for adults of activities used around the world to help children settle and focus. When I received these comments from the Mother of one of my young clients it seemed obvious that adults dealing with stress and overload should have access to these resources too.

  "My son who has ADHD has been doing exercises with Marion. Now it's not just me who tries to manage his behaviour. I feel like he's empowered as well as me - and that I hadn't expected"  
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  Here's my own story on why I developed the Take 5 Minutes DVD  
  A particularly vivid experience 20 years ago involved my head swirling with good ideas - and my days being indecisive and inactive.

I was in my mid thirties, supposedly living the dream of raising my wonderful family and making my mark in the world. However the immediate situation was two sick children - and a sick husband. They were really unwell - and I was terrified!

Gradually the way forward began to emerge: in the midst of all this stress it was clear that I needed to be energetic, calm, and reliable. Doing some simple daily energy exercises gave the results I needed.

I found myself stabilizing - my mood steadying and my productivity increasing. As I taught these techniques to our children they settled too, their immune protection improved, delayed developmental milestones were achieved, and behavioral issues resolved. I was able to take on more new ideas when my husband also needed medicines that were strange and unfamiliar - but that's a story for another day.

My parents took to doing these exercises and drinking water. They plied me with questions: Why these rubbing exercises? Is this the right place? How long for? I could see a pressing need to make these ideas easily available.

My Mother has always been a very energetic woman. While she surely had  good levels of vitality to start with, she has kept her remarkable level of activity through to her 80's with the daily practice of Take 5 Minutes. Recently the Mayor presented her with a Civic Medal for her ongoing leadership of civic projects.

So I made the Take 5 Minutes DVD to show what to do, how to do it, and to tell you why. The first 3 sections answer these questions and I expect you'll view this 20 minutes once to understand what the programme is about.

Press the button for section 4 and spend exactly 5 minutes to do the exercises with me. Do them for 5 days in a row and your body will have enough memory of them to do them on your own.

Use Take 5 Minutes as a daily routine to build your stamina and resilience, and to create a calm and emotionally stable you during stressful times.

Use spare moments during the day (sitting at the traffic lights, on the bus, during a meeting) and do even a few seconds as the opportunity arises. The exercise you remember will likely be the one you need for to lift you before a challenging meeting, in the dentist's waiting room, or for the action hours with the family after school.  

Do let me know how you go! I love to receive questions and comments from people seeking to bring out the best in themselves, their colleagues, or their family. 

One last thing: put the DVD away on your shelf - but not too far out of sight! It's remarkable how useful it is to explain to others who will want the results you're getting, and want to know what you're doing and why!

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  • “The tide really turned from the moment we did that work.”
  • “I experienced results right from the first session.”
  • “Even my boss remarked on the increase in my confidence, happiness, and openness to previously stressful situations.”
  • “Since the sessions I’ve been very motivated and happy with my life.”
  • “The sessions were remarkably effective, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the process.”
  • “Before the sessions I was in a spin. Now I have an overwhelming sense of balance and calm.”
  • “Thanks to your sessions I now have control over my future.”
  • “Beyond Stress recognised my situation and addressed it with real competence.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress made me steady and able to see what I wanted to achieve.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress gave me real strength and confidence. We resolved the patterns that kept generating my oversensitivity.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress has been profoundly rewarding.”
  • “Thanks to the sessions I developed a sense of calm and ease.”
  • “The work with Beyond Stress is the reason we are sleeping better, and are enjoying a much more positive lifestyle.”