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  Beyond Stress Personal Coaching Programme  
  We provide innovative coaching for individuals seeking success in their working and personal life. Our programme is fully individualised to address the holistic requirements of each client. In particular, our mind-body expertise and experience in human development is valuable for people who are:
  • dealing with transitions  - changing job, moving country, establishing a blended family, re-entering the work force
  • establishing a career
  • studying
  • becoming independent (again)
  • raising children
  • dealing with bereavement
  • finding a life partner
  • managing hormonal changes
  • developing a fulfilling retirement
  The Sensory Basis of Stress  
  Urban human beings operate as if our brain is only for thinking. Mostly, however, the brain is monitoring what’s going on with our eyes, our ears, and our balance. In other words, most of the brain’s activity concerns processing the information from our senses.

When this input follows familiar patterns the world ‘makes sense’, and we get on with the so called ‘higher functions’ of thinking, being creative, having fun, and achieving in our chosen fields.

However, as we know full well in these decades at the start of the 21st century, the pace of life is very commonly experienced as stressful and even overwhelming. Addressing the experience at the level of the brain’s sensory processing provides a swift and effective method of clearing inconsistencies and improving performance.
  Move the Body: Move the Mind  
  The success of our Stressology™ programme rests on our attention to the activities, and the developmentally key sensory components of them, that are required for you to put your goals in place.

Performing key activities which prompt body and brain to coordinate their records, makes plain where your current limitations lie. As we move through the activities not yet performed with ease, your system sifts the frequently conflicting records of conscious thinking, unconscious associations, and ‘muscle memory’ that have accumulated over time.  The process could be termed a ‘neurological defrag’. As in computing, so with the brain;
co-ordinating the records of all the component systems brings greater efficiency and a higher level of functioning.

The contribution of an experienced coach provides a vital external assessment of progress, and contributes focus, continuity, and encouragement that allows you to achieve more extensive results with a speed that cannot be generated on your own.

The Personal Coaching process with Beyond Stress is:

  • Individualised: driven by your goals for the future and directed by the personal history which has bought you to this point.

  • Holistic: realigns the physical structure and chemical processes of your body as well as the conscious and unconscious processing of your brain.

  • Natural:  your system is prompted to re-organise itself and find its own new level of equilibrium. Rather than inserting devises or foreign substances which may introduce unexpected results, muscle response tests demonstrate where your brain pathways are overloaded. Corrective processes are drawn from a wide spectrum of mind and body disciplines, ranging from art therapy to natural vision, from acupressure to neuro-linguistic processing.
  • Empowering: our processes engage you fully in the satisfactions of your own unique journey through life. Your own understanding and intentions, and your body tissue’s cellular records, combine with the structure of our programme to provide the answers for you. Short and simple self-help methods embedded in your daily life further engage you in the process.
  Life Coaching? Business Coaching? Personal Coaching?  
  At Beyond Stress our holistic approach avoids the need to separate your life into arbitrary components. We notice that performance in any area of life affects, and is affected by, many other parts of life. In practice, clients have found our coaching useful for:
  • worry / anxiety
  • achieving the ability relax fully
  • maximising focus and concentration
  • transforming the experience of overwhelm and sensory overload
  • developing motivation and confidence
  • releasing persistent unwanted thoughts or behaviours
  • addressing repeated patterns of injury, or illness
  • grief and distress
  • difficulty sleeping
  • the experience of being bullied
  • pain, stiffness and tension
  • tmj (jaw) issues
  • finding employment
  • becoming fully self expressed
  • resolving relationship issues/ social isolation
  • developing new social networks
  • in short, achieving excellence in many areas of life!
  Number of Sessions  
  Clients addressing a specific issue generally attend between 4 and 8 sessions, spread over a time frame that suits both your budget and your readiness to do the work. Each session is designed to suit your requirements, including your finances.

Coaching through a life transition works best with sessions on a monthly or fortnightly basis. Within the context of professional oversight, this pattern sets up a rhythm which maximizes your skill development.

Our specialized coaching programme for people who are moving on from workplace bullying begins with more frequent sessions to ensure that the activity of the human shock reflexes has received the necessary attention. This phase leads in to a pattern of less frequent sessions to complete the transition back to your personal best levels of performance and productivity.

  Terms and Conditions  
  Sessions are scheduled for 75 to 90 minutes. Unless otherwise arranged, payment in cash, by cheque, or online, of $140.00 per session is due at the time of booking each session.

A free initial half-hour meeting provides the opportunity for both parties to assess whether Personal Coaching from Beyond Stress is what you require at this point. Most often this leads directly into the first session, which ends with the scheduling the second session. Payment for the first two sessions is therefore due at the end of the first session.

  Individual Coaching Sessions may be changed up to 24 hours before the time arranged and rebooked subject to availability. Please advise if you are unable to attend at short notice. Whilst allowances can be made for unexpected emergencies, less than 24 hours notice may incur a 15% fee.

Unpaid sums attract interest and retrieval costs at standard rates.

  Finally, in the words of our clients……..  
  "Marion's skills are outside the ordinary run of things and delivered results exceeding my expectations. Attending to the whole picture, including my flexibility, and emotions was remarkably effective, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this process."  
  Roy McGuinness, McGuinness Classic Cars  
  " I came to Beyond Stress to coach me through a demanding set of personal transitions. As a result I now have a delightful lightness and ease to my personal life, and being married and a step mother is much more fulfilling than either of us ever expected. It is also clear that these sessions provided the tools that I needed in my career, which has taken off dramatically. In particular I learned tools to deal effectively with others' challenging behaviours, manage multiple projects and maximise the use of my brain. This has been particularly useful as I am also completing post-graduate studies. After resolving the initial stresses, the sessions spaced out. Each time we attended to whatever I raised in a way that has me functioning now, throughout my life, at a much higher and more satisfying level than I could have expressed when I started. Throughout the process the skilful attention to factors I did not recognise for myself has been very rewarding and empowering."  
  Rachel Bulliff, National Prisioner Training Co-ordinator, Department of Corrections  
  "The changes will be and are great for me and my altered situation. Makes me more open minded."  
  Tim Turner, Manufacturing Jeweller  
  "The 6 sessions were detailed, intuitive and accurate, highly constructive and surprisingly life changing. Five years on, I now have a successful International Company, employing 10 people. As well, I have gone from being on my own to establishing a home and relationship back in NZ. The tide really turned from the moment that we did that work."  
  Emily Buttle, Director, Empress Stiltdance International  
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  • “The tide really turned from the moment we did that work.”
  • “I experienced results right from the first session.”
  • “Even my boss remarked on the increase in my confidence, happiness, and openness to previously stressful situations.”
  • “Since the sessions I’ve been very motivated and happy with my life.”
  • “The sessions were remarkably effective, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the process.”
  • “Before the sessions I was in a spin. Now I have an overwhelming sense of balance and calm.”
  • “Thanks to your sessions I now have control over my future.”
  • “Beyond Stress recognised my situation and addressed it with real competence.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress made me steady and able to see what I wanted to achieve.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress gave me real strength and confidence. We resolved the patterns that kept generating my oversensitivity.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress has been profoundly rewarding.”
  • “Thanks to the sessions I developed a sense of calm and ease.”
  • “The work with Beyond Stress is the reason we are sleeping better, and are enjoying a much more positive lifestyle.”