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  Personal Coaching  
  • Frustrated by the same old struggles in life?
• Feeling like no matter what you do, your life is on an inevitable pathway to nowhere?
• Do the same mistakes keep showing up over and over, despite your best efforts?

Whether the focus is on your relationships, with life as a whole, or a specific problem with work, our clients move from simply surviving to succeeding with ease, radiance and satisfaction.

  Innovative Mind-Body Methods  
  The secret of our success is our innovative mind-body methodology which empowers you for the tasks you want to achieve.

"I have always had high hopes and dreams, I certainly expected that by 35 I would be financially well off, in a great relationship and starting a family. When I came to Beyond Stress I had none of these things and while I had a great job and lovely friends I often felt anxious, stressed and overwhelmed with my very busy life. I was up and down in my emotions and had frequent body aches.

In less than a dozen sessions over a 5 month period the coaching brought my body up to speed with my mind. I found myself moving through life far more peacefully and confidently with little effort. This led to major developments in my career and helped me fulfill some of my major life goals. I am now in the 'relationship of my dreams' with my wonderful partner and we have a beautiful baby boy. I experience peace, confidence, happiness and balance every day in what is an increasingly busy life!"
  Alice Cuttance Workplace Strategist and Mum to Max  
  Coaching For Groups  
  • Stressed out staff?
• Office awash with tensions and conflict?
• Looking for strategies that deliver staff excellence?

Group Coaching with Beyond Stress transforms workplace stressors into workplace stress-relievers.

Presentations are tailored to your goals and requirements. Delivery ranges from short Focus Events that enliven your business planning day or conference, to half day Workplace Workshops that empower your staff.

Use our powerful
Stressology™ methods to:

• raise confidence and communication
• lower staff stress levels
• improve listening skills and openness to new information
• improve teamwork
• lift performance and productivity
• engage and motivate your team

  “Marion presents fresh and unusual material with an enjoyable lightness and composure. Her presentation is both focussed and fun, enlivening participants with a stimulating new perspective.”  
  Anne O’Donnell, Principal, Havelock Physiotherapy.
  “Marion is the consummate professional, guaranteed to infuse energy, excitement and creativity into any presentation. She provides participants with multiple ideas for expanding their personal performance.”  
  Jeanette Clark, Past President, Kinesiology Association of NZ  
  Workplace Bullying  
  Our unique perspective on the nature of Workplace Bullying gives rise to our powerful methods for resolving it.

For the person on the receiving end, being bullied is a profound shock. Managers,
co-workers and family change the subject, productivity drops, happiness plummets,
sickness and days off increase.

Simply using the word raises hairs on the back of the neck – appropriately enough, for talk of ‘bullying’ generates high emotions and deeply instinctual reactions.

Beyond Stress our success with bullying comes from understanding the brain’s danger-monitoring functions and the body’s instinctive reactions. We have over 20 years experience in human learning and we know how to create a trustworthy pathway and re-activate skills that have been shut down.
  Our services for this important area of workplace experience operate at two levels:  
  Personal Coaching empowers individuals moving on from the experience of being
bullied. Our ‘Workplace Mojo’ support group meets monthly to provide a supportive
community environment as personal coaching clients translate new skills back into
the workplace.

Beyond Work Stress: Coaching For Groups educates staff on the underlying
causes of stress at work, and provides innovative strategies on how to beat it.
  “Working with Beyond Stress has been profoundly rewarding. I was immobilised, fearing I would never recover my ‘joy of living’. The exercises and processes had a rapid effect.”  
  “I was plagued by anger and stress with situations and people. I’d tried everything –
suffice it to say that I’d given up. Through coming to see you and the work we’ve done my stress and anger levels have decreased dramatically. You have guided me through my past responses so that now I have control over my future.”
  “I’ve been in a spin. Now I have an overwhelming sense of balance and calm.”  
  Self Help DVD: Take 5 Minutes  
  Build stress relief into your working day! Our Take 5 Minutes Programme provides targeted tools for stress management which are effective and easy to use.

As we know, we live in stressful times. What we mostly don’t know is how this stress is generated and what to do about it.

Understanding the impact of the ways we move, use our eyes, and the speed we demand of our brains helps.

Far more important is using our daily habits to counteract these lifestyle demands. By taking just 5 minutes daily you can care for your eyes, support your brain, release tension in your muscles and stress in your life.

  “These exercises are an excellent way of swiftly rebalancing myself when going to a daunting meeting, or anything where I want to perform at my best”.  
  Lania Rock, Director, Rock Media  
  “Marion knows what is happening at the level of my whole system, not just the symptoms. She has a deep respect for human bodies.”  
  Felicity Lawrence, National Human Resources Manager, Dept of Conservation  
  “I took on these exercises to boost my presentation skills and confidence for an important event. My presentation went well with a sense of confidence, ease and calmness. But most impressive was the impact on my life generally. The sense of calm and ease prevailed as I continued, when necessary, with the exercises.”  
  Meryl Kirkham, Registered Naturopath.  
  • “The tide really turned from the moment we did that work.”
  • “I experienced results right from the first session.”
  • “Even my boss remarked on the increase in my confidence, happiness, and openness to previously stressful situations.”
  • “Since the sessions I’ve been very motivated and happy with my life.”
  • “The sessions were remarkably effective, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the process.”
  • “Before the sessions I was in a spin. Now I have an overwhelming sense of balance and calm.”
  • “Thanks to your sessions I now have control over my future.”
  • “Beyond Stress recognised my situation and addressed it with real competence.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress made me steady and able to see what I wanted to achieve.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress gave me real strength and confidence. We resolved the patterns that kept generating my oversensitivity.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress has been profoundly rewarding.”
  • “Thanks to the sessions I developed a sense of calm and ease.”
  • “The work with Beyond Stress is the reason we are sleeping better, and are enjoying a much more positive lifestyle.”