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  Welcome to our About Beyond Stress page. On this page you will find:

  1. About Our Company
  2. Workshops that Turn Stress Factors Into Stress-Relieving Habits
  3. Personal Coaching Programme for Individual Success
  4. Personal Coaching After Workplace Bullying
  5. Self-Help Resources
  1) About Us  
  Our mission is to coach individuals and groups to performance excellence, transforming workplace stress and addressing workplace bullying.

Our Personal Coaching Programme is delivered from our clinic located in Central Wellington. Beyond Work Stress: Coaching For Groups is available throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Our Stressology™ methods have been developed by Marion Pawson, widely experienced educator, writer, and coach with over twenty years experience in the fields of human development and performance excellence.

Marion's grasp of the conflict between the constraints of the urban workplace  and our powerful human instincts generates her unique approach to stress, bullying and the struggle for excellence. Our approach is to promote:

  • respect for the innate stress management systems of the human body
  • movement habits that develop personal stamina and resilience

Our trademark is our emphasis on methods that are personally empowering, natural, holistic, and low-cost.

Beyond Stress is a development of Vitality Matters Ltd, which has been providing training courses and personal sessions in Wellington, New Zealand, since 2002. 

  2) Workshops that Turn Stress Factors Into Stress-Relieving Habits  
  Beyond Work Stress: Coaching For Groups educates participants on the common stress factors of today’s urban workplaces.

The fast pace of everything around us brings a tremendous flow of sensory information to the brain for processing. Small workspaces compromise our ability to movie freely. We overuse our eyes and our ability to think. And we under-use our body’s ability to move, and release muscular tension through physical activity. Quite simply, we live and move using ‘too much brain and not enough body”.

Discovering effective habits that release physical tension and address eye strain greatly impacts both physical and mental flexibility. It is not necessary to become focused on untangling endless ‘personal issues’ to solve workplace stress.  On the contrary, our focus on movement generates the camaraderie of shared physical activity.

Beyond Work Stress: Coaching For Groups utilises the recognition of the workplace community to establish stress-releasing behaviours. Within our educational seminars and interactive workshops participants learn:

  • how brain and body interact
  • the sensory causes of overload
  • simple activities that replace stress-building habits with those that build resilience
  • daily patterns that diminish overloading and raise resilience
  • to maximize the effectiveness of their body’s innate stress releasing systems

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  3) Personal Coaching Programme for Individual Success  
  Our Individual Coaching Programme assists individuals to achieve their personal best levels of performance whatever their initial level of achievement. The mind-body methods of Stressology™ resolve performance limits whether the starting place is survival and overwhelm or, alternatively, a place of unidentified constraints that mysteriously limit success.

Movement activities prompt brain and body to work together effectively. As inconsistencies between ‘muscle memory’, conscious thinking, and unconscious associations are resolved, improving ability to move with ease and pleasure demonstrates the progress being made.

To achieve these results the Stressology™ method combines resources from art therapy to vision training, acupressure to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The process can be likened to a ‘neurological defrag’, which frees the brain for more efficient sensory and mental processing. Greater flexibility results.  The emotional stress that has inevitably been generated by trying so hard gives way to peacefulness, and from here new learning and the experience of success arrises naturally.

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  4) Personal Coaching After Workplace Bullying  
  We have a particular interest in workplace bullying, and within our overall coaching programme offer specialised coaching to people dealing with these circumstances. Our interest and expertise in this area is founded on over 10 years working with stress and overwhelm. We know the constraints your senses have had to operate with, and we know how to get you back on your feet, operating fully again.

Using this approach clients achieve:

  • clear personal boundaries
  • the ability to be powerful in the face of the opinions of others
  • the ability to deal with conflict with ease
  • a robust sense of pride and self-worth
  • renewed sense of safety
  • hope and confidence in the future

Our Workplace Bullying Support Group meets monthly, providing a positive community experience for those who have personally experienced workplace bullying.

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  5) Self Help Resources  
  Our Take 5 Minutes DVD provides ready access to our self-help programme of stress-releasing activities. The DVD presentation gets you started, reminds you of the basics, and gives you a valuable tool to share with friends and family.

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  • “The tide really turned from the moment we did that work.”
  • “I experienced results right from the first session.”
  • “Even my boss remarked on the increase in my confidence, happiness, and openness to previously stressful situations.”
  • “Since the sessions I’ve been very motivated and happy with my life.”
  • “The sessions were remarkably effective, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the process.”
  • “Before the sessions I was in a spin. Now I have an overwhelming sense of balance and calm.”
  • “Thanks to your sessions I now have control over my future.”
  • “Beyond Stress recognised my situation and addressed it with real competence.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress made me steady and able to see what I wanted to achieve.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress gave me real strength and confidence. We resolved the patterns that kept generating my oversensitivity.”
  • “Working with Beyond Stress has been profoundly rewarding.”
  • “Thanks to the sessions I developed a sense of calm and ease.”
  • “The work with Beyond Stress is the reason we are sleeping better, and are enjoying a much more positive lifestyle.”